After working for several years as a banker and stockbroker, Stuart Ross began walking dogs to clear his mind. Upon strolling by a ‘For Lease’ sign in 2003, Stuart walked in, jumped at the opportunity and, just like that, Bulldog Coffee was officially born. “Coffee is my life. It’s in my blood,” says Stuart Ross – Ontario’s first Barista Champion and arguably the godfather of coffee in Toronto.

With a mission to bring the best coffee to Toronto, Stuart set off to Seattle, training under coffee master and author, David Schomer of Espresso Vivace. As an influential leader in the gourmet coffee world and, arguably, one of the fathers of latte art, Schomer taught Stuart everything he needed to know – from crafting the perfect espresso to creating a flawless microfoam heart.

With practice, determination and further training under Canada’s champion Barista, Sammy Piccolo of Caffé Artigiano, Stuart went on to win the first ever Central Region Canada Barista Competition, soon becoming Ontario’s very first Barista Champion in 2005. In 2007, he officially became the head judge for the latte art championship.

Bulldog maintained its title as Best Coffee Shop for 13 years, was featured several times in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, National Post, NOW, Ricardo Magazine, Foodism, various broadcast television programs and was even coined as the “Godfather of Coffee” in Toronto – initiating the independent espresso movement in the city.

Stuart is excited and honoured to be a part of the talented Assembly Chef’s Hall team in this latest iteration of Bulldog. He continues to strive to further perfect his coffee and is humbled to be considered the top “chef” in his field – representing the independent baristas of Toronto.



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