Kayla Pongrac loves to paint portraits and is truly fascinated with street art. Since the first time she could hold a crayon, she’s created art. Though it was only a hobby for most of her life, two years ago she painted a mural in a popular restaurant, receiving an overwhelming response. Several murals in several restaurants later, the doors opened to a this career as an artist.

 Architecture and Design have been at the forefront of her career, helping to provide the skills, creative thinking and confidence for Kayla’s art. Structure, proportion, scale and harmony are fundamentals practiced in architecture. For Kayla, all of these relate equally to art and are apparent in the human form, portraits in particular. A constant theme with her most recent pieces is translating realistic proportions from an image or real life to a flat canvas. Although her formal education in fine arts is limited, Kayla has always gravitated to learning and understanding an artist’s approach to their work. By reciprocating this knowledge and applying it to what she learns and creates, Kayla seeks continued growth on her artistic journey.